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What People Have Said About This Book:

"This book is full of actionable insights for small and medium size e-commerce business owners to learn how to attract website visitors and build a larger, more sustainable customer base."

"The authors provide a detailed strategy for success for the layman, giving you the ability to have a big company presence on a small company budget."

"As i worked my way through this book i gained a huge amount of value and with what i was learning, i found i was easily able to apply to our company. The theory in this book is backed up by fantastic examples as well as a number of practical tasks that any company should be completing in order to succeed in the eCommerce world."

"It's simple, if you want to have a business online, you need to read this book. Period."

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Book Description:

'How To Sell Better Than Amazon' explores the eCommerce applications of inbound marketing, a methodology of marketing that focuses on using content and engagement to create marketing that people love - and therefore want to receive.

We’ll teach you how to attract research-phase consumer traffic, lower your COCA while improving your customer contact LTV using persona-driven content and marketing automation and avoid the mutually destructive race-to-the-bottom of a price war. Amazon and other long-tail firms will continue to dominate the price-sensitive consumer segment for the foreseeable future, but this book will teach you how your firm can go toe-to-toe with long-tailed monsters like Amazon and win by creating a unit economics model that they simply can’t compete with across the vastness of their inventory offerings.