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I am currently accepting applications for one-on-one, high-end Inbound Marketing & Customer Success Coaching clients, where we will work extensively on growing your business using the principles and cutting edge practices of inbound marketing, growth hacking, customer lifecycle engineering and risk/opportunity management.

If you qualify, you will receive the following core services:

INTAKE SESSION: A two-hour phone or video consultation with Mari where we will discuss in-depth your business challenges, goals, mission, strengths, stumbling blocks, and more. During this session, Mari will make specific recommendations for the next course of action during the coaching term.

PRIVATE RETREAT: A two-day live, in-person, private business retreat with Michael in Boston, MA once per quarter. (Member pays his/own travel and accommodation costs).

MONTHLY COACHING SESSIONS: Typically two-hours, twice a month where we dive deep into strategy, tactics, implementation, team building, training on tools, as well as developing systems designed to make your business more profitable.

Coaching is available in six-month and twelve-month packages.

Spaces extremely limited. By application only. For more information and to apply, contact me via email