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"Whatever you are, be a good one."
- Abraham Lincoln


About ME.

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

I’m proud to share with you this website I’ve built to showcase both my business solutions and personal passions. To that extent, you will notice the site split into two sections - Solutions and Passions.

Solutions: I have been developing systems, operations and playbooks that drive the infrastructure of customer success teams at HubSpot for over 6 years. I work with amazing teams that I learn more and more from every day. I use the Solutions section of my website to highlight some of that learning, side projects and experience I’ve developed along the way.

Passions: Here you will find discover my love for travel, photography and education. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit and have taken those opportunities to develop a passion for photography. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to connect.

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is the Driver of Success.


IS Found through the customer.


Business Solutions

  • Customer Success Blog

    I am diving back into the blogging world by writing about my experiences, lessons learned and guidance I can provide on the topics of Customer Success for SaaS and eCommerce business.

    Come take a look
  • Customer Success Academy

    The Customer Success Academy is a side project I'm working on. It is primarily a weekly curation of the best education available on topics like scaling customer success, modeling customer retention, creating exceptional customer experiences and more.

    Check out the Customer Success Academy
  • Marketing & Sales Coaching

    Connect to explore your needs and create a customized training program for you.

    Take your business to the next level
  • Ecommerce Marketing Book

    My good friend Sam Mallikarjunan and I wrote down all of our advice on inbound marketing applied to ecommerce businesses in a book titled "Inbound Commerce: How to Sell Better Than Amazon". This is a must read for anyone selling products online.

    How to Sell Better Than Amazon
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be mindfull and aware.


will inspire and guide you.


A collection of my passions

  • Photography

    Browse a collection of images I've collected through my travels and experiences.
    All photos by me.

    Browse Photo Galleries
  • Travel

    The experience of an adventure unfolding, the exploration of foreign lands, the connection with unfamiliar cultures and making friends in unexpected places are a few of the many inspirations for my wanderlust.

    My Travel Journals
  • Books

    I love it when my views on the world change, when I more deeply understand a topic, when I relate with characters and am brought along with their adventure, the sensation of being engrossed in another world that only a book can seem to really do.

    My Bookshelf